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Автор Тема: Почти идеальный подвесной мотор от crossbreak (аналог rv120/rv160)  (Прочитано 156 раз)

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good news. after the problems with ReVolt i decided to make my own motor. It will fit the needs a bit better than the revolt. The Km² is double compared to the RV120 Pro but it will come in at around 4kg. it has more poles (30 instead of only 14) and around double the copper. It has very little cogging, also much better than revolt. Best thing is: The price will almost stay the same!! i think i can make it for $500 incl shipping :mrgreen: not completely sure about that yet, but i think i can do it :? I wont get rich by this though...but i finally have the motor i always wanted. now i want to contribute to those who teached me how to design it.

Specs (not final, just calculated during design):

Model: Cross'-Mid-Motor - CB120
kV: 30 rpm /V
terminal resistance: ~30 mOhm
pole pairs: 15
slots: 27
turns per coil: 2
Air gap Ø = 110 mm (edit)
Stack length: 40 mm (edit)
weight ~4 kg
cooling: combined air and ferrofluid (Statorade, supplied by GrinTech. Canada) cooling system. could later be upgraded with watercooling if someones is interested (more expensive)
sprocket: 14t bycicle chain or 16t #35 chain or 36t HDT M5-25 (your choice)
i will offer a mount and tire kit for 26" bikes with 68...73mm BB width in August 2017
here is a pic of winding the first ptototype
Some measurements done with the prototype:
No load consumption:
6.70 A @ 48.04V @ 2270 rpm
4.11 A @ 24.73V @ 1171 rpm
Terminal resistance: 9.93 mOhm
So if i calc right: kV = 47.3 rpm/V
Km² = 4.076
Peak eff: 92% @ 1800 rpm @ 28.3 Nm 5367 W PowerOut and 5792W PowerIn

Km² is 2.5 times higher compared to the revolt :) good that it does no cost 2.5 times as much :mrgreen: It turn better then i thought at 2270rpm. The prototype rotor is not balanced yet...anyway this may be a lucky shot

Почти, так как я предполагаю, что возможно сделать мотор, с тем же или даже большим Km, но с заметно меньшим весом, немного увеличив диаметр. Ещё былобы неплохо добавить крепление для обгонной муфты, либо стандартного вылосипедного freewheel'а. Ну и предполагаемая цена 500$, хоть и на уровне или даже меньше аналогов, кажется большой.
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