reprogram, lingbo controller LBC006.551D

Автор dpatrock, 08 Янв. 2021 в 17:49

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reprogram, lingbo controller LBC006.551D

I bought a CITYCOCO LUQI 3 3000W with 20AH 63v battery, unbridled version, but the supplier is mistaken and sent me the approved version with 45 km / h, knowing that the ligbo controller is programmable, someone will be able to me help configure it ??
Could you give me the description (identification of the connection of the socket) of the following controller:

- LBC006.551D
- LBMC060152HJ3A-M6
- S / N: 60V 20190516214

I want to reprogram it in order to release the maximum speed.
I downloaded the following software: LBMC GUI v4.0.0
I bought the USB adapter to communicate with the controller: USB TTL converter CH340G CP2102 PL2303 UART FTDI Arduino 5V + 3.3V

I need to identify the following connections to reprogram it:
-Supply voltage 3 or 5 volts
-Data transmission mode and speeds

Thank you in advance for your help and information


Try writing e-mail to this address and requesting datasheet of a controller

Or google with " lingbo-mc PDF", and check all results
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hello thank you, I have already sent twice at the beginning of the week, but no response from them. :-(
again thank you for helping me :-) !!


hello, I come back to you to tell you that I managed to unleash the lingbo controller, and really the citycoco SC-H3 is a real GTI and exceeds 75kmh.

reprogram of a citycoco SC-H3 to make it faster over 75kmh

Here is a tutorial for hacking maximum top speed in firmware for electric scooter with lingbo controller
-   Brand: LINGBO
-   Model: LBC006.551D.
-   scooter: citycoco SC-H3

The Tools that are needed:
-   USB TTL converter CH340G CP2102 PL2303 UART FTDI Arduino 5V + 3.3V
-   Dupont 10P male / female Arduino cable

1-On the USB TTL converter, connect the cap on the 5V and Vcc jumper, in order to use 3.3V
2-Install the driver (CH341ser.exe) / Connect the USB TTL converter to the PC (or let the pc do it which will install the best driver)
3-Turn off the citycoco and disconnect the battery and the controller plug (30 pins)
4-Connect 4 cables between the USB TTL converter and the 30 pin connector of the controller on the scooter, as explained
Note: if all goes well, a red led on the box will flash, and the red led on the adapter will light up)

•   USB TTL converter on the controller 30 pin connector
•   USB 3V3: RED (3.3V) on pin no .: 29
•   USB GND: BLACK (GND) on pin no .: 7
•   USB Tx: WHITE (Tx) on pin no .: 23
•   USB Rx: GRAY (Rx) on pin n °: 13

5-Download and run LBGUI_v121.18.0329

•   Select the English language with the upper right button (little man with speech bubble)
•   Select the COM port used by the USB TTL converter in the Windows device manager (ex: COM6)
•   Click on the Connect button
•   If connection error, "timeout" swap the Tx and Rx switching pins
•   Write down the values and settings for saving in a backup. FOC file, with "Export" button
•   Go and modify "Speed Limit: Func parameters setting":
 "Speed limit enable" = 0: Disable
 "Speed limit ratio (%)" = 100% (to be modified first, then meter later on "disable")

•   Write the parameters with the "Download" button and check / read with the "Download" button

•   Disconnect the programmer, reconnect the multi-spindle and the battery, and test the parameters.